I can’t even imagine

They have found some debris from the plane that went down over the Atlantic, but chances for recovering the “black boxes” are extremely small:

“Even in history … recorders from time to time were found after the 30 days. But I’m not so optimistic,” said Arslanian at a press conference Wednesday. “It’s not only deep it’s also very mountainous at that place of the ocean.”

Arslanian said answers on what caused the crash could take a long time.

“It could be long, we can not do with 80 percent understanding,” said Arslanian. “This catastrophe is the worst that our country has known in our country’s air history.”

I suspect that there are similarly miniscule chances of finding even the bodies of those who were lost.  How devastating for the families and loved ones- I cannot even imagine their pain, imaging the bodies lost forever to the ocean.  My father, who travels overseas quite frequently, recently returned from Russia- I assume that his plane took a similar route.  Devastating.


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