“If all women are feminists, then this strategy can work. But if the most attractive women are Republicans, then it will start breaking down.”

Good looking conservative women threaten the liberal status quo.  Or, in the alternative, Republicans are the new sexy. 

But seriously, the writer here is saying something I’ve noticed for a while.  Republicans have always had the stereotype of being old, and, with that, unattractive.  People, particularly young people, (and, I hate to say it, but even more particularly, young women) eschew the unattractive and unsexy, and gravitate towards that which they would like to emulate.  Women like those described in the article were brave enough to buck that, and now they’re changing our impressions of what is attractive.  Interesting.


I’d like to give a big shout-out to all those feminists

and pro-choicers who stood up against their own, when the National Organization of Women Who Think Like Us went after Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow and his mom pro-life ad.

Jill Stanek at BigJournalism.com summarizes some of their statements.

Doesn’t this basically prove a lack of sexism?

Feminist Blog Women and Hollywood has their pants in a bunch over the fact that The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Ten Movies of the decade forgot to include a directors with special needs section any films with women directors. 

Here’s a list that caught my attention, The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Ten Movies of the Decade and not surprisingly, there is not a single female directed film on the list.  You can tell from the list that it was not a US based list so that opens is up much wider.  I seriously cannot believe that a single woman directed film in the last decade is not worthy of being on this list.

So, with the exception of a big deal director like Spielberg or James Cameron, who really looks at the name, and therefore, sex, of the director of a movie when naming it the best?  I’m looking over the list, and I can only name one director off the top of my head of any of the movies, and even that’s just a guess I can’t place a single one to a director off the top of my head. 

Now, I’m sure that a true movie buff of the sort that puts together top movies of the decade can note the directors better than I (I’ll admit that I haven’t even seen any of the movies on the list), but even so, do the nice folks at Women and Hollywood really think that the reviewer was sitting in the theater, judging the movie on the basis of whether or not the director had a penis? 

If the reviewers had specifically included a female directed movie just to include one, that would have been sexist.  If they simply made a list of the “best movies” (based on whatever criteria they wish to base it on), with no real consideration of who directed them, and the list happened to include only movies directed by male directors, well, that is exactly what I want to happen.  If a woman, or anyone, is going to get acclaimed for her directorial skills, I want it to be because she made a great movie as compared to all the other great movies, not because she made a great movie, for a girl. 

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Baby, we can share the kitchen, or why women don’t want to be “feminists,” revisited

Hanna Rosin can’t believe that some man would invade her domain. 

When did a certain group of men take over the womanly art of home cooking? And why can’t we who are married to them just sit back and call their conquest of the kitchen a feminist triumph? If you had told a mistress of the house in the 1950s that one day her husband would julienne a carrot, she would have wept with joy. Perhaps she would have even held out a little longer against all those canned monstrosities designed to lighten her daily load. And yet, fast forward half a century, and some of us are starting to regret our lost dominion over the kitchen.

Silly me, I guess I always though that we should just avoid ideas like “women belong in the kitchen.”  My husband and I share these sorts of duties; she should try the same.

Why women (and men!) avoid association with the word “feminist”

in a nutshell.  At the feminist (among other things) blog Reclusive Leftist, a man dared to speak:

datechguy says:

  • Although I of course disagree with you on the Abortion issues you have a great point.For a long time you were warning people on the left that the only principle of the Obama administration was the glorification of the one and the destruction of those who stood in his way.The irony that people on your side had been warned from within and are only now figuring it out is frightening.Again I’m not with you on either issue but I hate to see people being played for suckers, it just isn’t right, much better a forthright foe who you can debate with.I have to say I admire you Violet, I say you are wrong but you are no sucker and you refuse to play the sucker. That makes you worthy of respect and your blog worthy of my time.November 12th, 2009 at 7:53 am EST
  • tinfoil hattie says:
    Oooooh, lookie! Violet’s blog meets with a dude’s approval! Even a woman-hating dude! Wow – you now have it made. Dude is going to keep visiting, because you are “worthy” of his respect!Wow. From way up on high there. If it were my blog I’d be just swooooooning.November 12th, 2009 at 8:28 am EST
  • RKMK says:
    Violet’s blog meets with a dude’s approval! A dude who not only approves, but likes to emphasize how much that approval mean by reminding us how morally superior he is to the baby-killing feminists in every thread!November 12th, 2009 at 11:11 am EST
  • There is literally nothing that datechguy could have done here that would not have been objectionable in the eyes of these commentators.  Nothing.  He pays the writer a complement; they take it as an insult.  If he had said she was a lousy blogger, would they have been happy?  He respectfully disagrees, but says nothing about morality, and they take it as an assertion of superiority.  (Makes you wonder how confident they actually are in their ability to be equals, doesn’t it?)

    Here’s the thing, Angry Feminists: Many of us women, who highly value our freedoms, our abilities, our intelligence, and our status as equals to men do have men in our lives that we like and respect.  We have men in our lives who we want the approval of, because we like and respect them.  Many of us have men who make our lives better by being a part of them, who we are grateful to share our lives with.   Comments like this show that the commenter has no respect for ANY male, which means that they have no respect for my husband, my father, my brothers, my potential future sons.  Which means they have no respect for me. 

    Those of us who are so blessed want nothing to do with sexist fools who would disparage all men simply for being male.  And we don’t dare be confused for these people who wear the banner of “feminists.”

    Update: Ace of Spades has a somewhat related discussion here (scroll down to the bolded “Actually”). 

    There is a lot of very unpleasant overcompensation among feminist thinkers, where it often suggested that “equality” means, somehow, utter dominance and total lack of any interest in compromise and give-and-take. That every compromise or gesture towards comity is somehow a betrayal of one’s womanhood. That strict mercenary self-interest in all things is somehow elevated to a virtue, and any deviation from that, a sign of weakness.

    Again: I don’t understand why the feminist ideal should be acting like a total douchebag about everything.

    Neither do a lot of us, Ace.  And that’s why we reject it.

    Fascinating interview in American Spector with Matthew Continetti, writer of The Persecution of Sarah Palin

    I was particularly interested in the discussion of how the media managed to paint an ordinary and extremely common religious belief, shared by Obama, Biden, and McCain, into some bizarre form of “Christianism” and the reaction of so-called feminists.  But read the whole thing.

    Just another liberal myth. Anti-Abortion Does NOT Equal Anti-Contraception

    Slate’s allegedly feminist site peddals the myth that attempts to demonize anti-abortionists:

    The anti-choice movement’s hostility towards contraception is an open secret; most people on both sides of the debate know about it, but anti-choice activists also know better than to flaunt their hatred of contraception when trying to woo people on the issue of abortion.

     OK, this impression/myth/assertion frustrates me to no end.  I’m a life-long Catholic; I live in a very conservative part of the country; my family is very pro-life.  I have literally never met ANYone who is actually against contraception.  My mother, who is a single issue voter and completely single minded on the subject, had her tubes tied and has never expressed any objections to my use of the pill (and believe me, she would). 

    I’ve met a few people who assert that it is not the choice for them and practice natural family planning (which, with modern science, is actually just barely under the pill in success-rates).  But, even in my (Catholic) pre-marital counseling, they only suggested NFP; they said that it was a choice, not a sin, to decide against it. 

     The only places that I have ever seen stories against birth control use come from leftist or “feminist” writers who are anxious to characterize anti-abortionists as “anti-choice” (my choice is the pill, thanks) or to paint every last person who values life as a clinic bomber.  

    (This is, as I’m sure you know, but I’m guessing that Slate’s readers will conveniently not notice, not to say that anti-contraception-ists do not exist, only that they are extremely rare and not in any way representative of the anti-abortion movement in general, to the point that they are simply not worth worrying about.)