I’m on board

Hot Air posts a must-see video of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responding to a reporter who accused him of having a “confrontational tone.” (via Instapundit)

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his ‘confrontational tone’
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Dude, I’m starting to think this might be the guy. A solid first term, then reelection in 2014, and suddenly the wide-open 2016 primaries are right around the corner…

So, why should we have to wait until 2016?  I’m on board right now.


Why do terrorists keep terrorizing?

Because it works.  At least, it worked on Comedy Central.  Hot Air reports:

Aasif Mandvi, a self-described “liberal Muslim” and the “senior Islamic correspondent” for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, said on air after the “South Park” threats that it would upset him to see the Prophet Muhammad depicted in a cartoon. But, he added: “Here’s what’s more upsetting. Someone, in the name of a faith that I believe in, threatening another person for doing it.”

But after the failed Times Square terror attack, “The Daily Show” asked Mandvi not to comment further on the matter, according to his spokesman. In fact, reps for the networks and television shows reached for comment on this article, including Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, FOX, NBC, and CBS, either failed to respond or asked to speak on background for fear of retribution.

And it isn’t just comedians on fake newscasts who are being muzzled. One writer for a scripted drama fold Fox411.com that in one of his show’s final episodes, there had been a minor plot point involving a Muslim extremist. Last week it was removed and the script was rewritten, he said.

Will this mollify them, or encourage them to make greater demands?  What do you think?

“Barack Obama doesn’t care about country people”

That was the facebook status update of a former classmate or mine who now lives in Nashville. 

Personally, I think he cares alright, just not in the good way. 

More on the media silence about this disaster from Hot Air, Knoxville News Sentinel, and Jacklail.com.

Update: I guess it’s catching.  Disrupt the Narrative has “Barack Obama doesn’t care about southern people.”  “Perhaps we need Jeff Foxworthy to pull a Kanye West.”

What does internet regulation have to do with the financial crisis?

Nothing.  And yet (via Instapundit),

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported on another little Easter egg in a bill cruising through Congress that would normally have followed Nancy Pelosi’s policy of discovery ex post facto. Democrats have pushed hard to get the financial-regulation reform bill unstuck in the Senate, mainly playing on class-warfare themes in painting the GOP as the party of eeeeeeevil Wall Street robber barons. However, the House version of the bill contains provisions that would put the Federal Trade Commission in position to start issuing rules on Internet transactions that would not only slow down business growth but also have no relevance at all to the financial collapse that prompted the bill. 

I’m not trying to argue that these hidden gems are in any way meaningful.  I’d note that this is about trade (although that’s not a problem that should need a solution at this time), and in no way threatens communication.  But it’s puzzling, none the less. 

This is just another example of something that can be avoided if we were to limit federal bills to only the topic at hand, as I wrote about here.  If this aspect of the legislation is necessary, and I think that’s a big if, let it stand on its own.