Creamy Peanut Butter Sauce with Chicken and Pasta

This is a great “go-to” recipe.  It’s easy, pantry friendly, can be made in the time it takes to boil noodles, and can be a full meal (veg, meat, starch) in one dish.  Plus, it’s delicious and hearty.  The peas add a wonderful sweetness, but green beans can work in place of (or in addition to) them. (You’ll want to cook them or thaw them first.) 

Approx. 4 servings

  •  1/2 Cup Peanut Butter (smooth or crunchy, your choice)
  • 1/3 Cup Chicken Broth or Stock
  • 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
  • 2 Tsp Asian Sesame Oil, divided
  • 2 Tsp Chili Oil, divided
  • 1.5 Tbs Sugar
  • 2 Tbs Red Wine vinegar
  • 1/4 Cup Milk
  • 1-2 Tbs Sriracha or Other Hot Sauce
  • 1/2 lb or so linguine
  • 1 large or 2 small Chicken Breasts
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Vegetable or Cooking Oil to coat pan
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 Tbs minced or grated fresh ginger
  • Frozen Peas, optional (approx. 1/2 lb, or whatever you like)

Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat.  Lightly salt (not as much salt as you would use for most pastas).  Add the pasta and boil until tender, approximately 9 minutes.  (Asian-style pasta dishes are generally cooked to a little more tender than an Italian-style al dente.) 

In a large saucepan, heat oil over medium heat.  Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper, and saute over medium heat until lightly browned and cooked through.  Remove from pan and reduce heat to medium low.

While chicken is cooking, combine all remaining ingredients except garlic and ginger in a blender or food processor, using 1 tsp each of chili and sesame oils.  After the chicken is removed from the pan, add a small drizzle of oil and saute garlic and ginger until fragrant (approximately 1 minute).  Add peanut sauce and chicken and heat through.  Stir in peas, then stir in pasta.  Stir continuously until completely warmed, approx. 1-2 minutes.  Remove from heat and drizzle in a bit of sesame and chili oil.  Serve with additional hot sauce, if desired.


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