Let’s all give some props to the good folks at Hallmark

for managing to field complaints from complete idiots with apparent grace. 

A local chapter of the NAACP is upset because a Hallmark graduation card, with a “solar system” theme, uses the word “black,” followed by what they have interpreted as the word “ho.”  Really. (video at the link).  Hallmark pulled the card. 

When I was a senior in high school, I stage managed a play version of “School House Rock” at the children’s division of our local community theater.  Three elementary school aged, home schooled* sisters were in the cast.  The play closed on the most fun, rocking song of the show, “Interjections!”  where the whole cast joined in.  You can read the lyrics here, and be shocked by an supposed children’s program making liberal use of the NSFW word “Darn.”  Or, you could if you were the mother of these three sisters, who approached me at a rehearsal to tell me that her daughters could not be in this song due to the use of that word.  I laughed in her face.  It was simply absurd to me. 

But not as absurd as it would have been if I had been working a customer service line at Hallmark, and a person had called in to tell me that they heard the word “black hole,” in a space context, and still understood it to mean “black ho.”  Kudos, Hallmark customer service rep who fielded that call!

* Before any home school advocates jump on me, I just want to say that my first tastes of home schoolers really came from some odd families in that town who apparently believed that theater was the only acceptable activity that their children could participate in outside of the protected womb of the home.  They were clearly doing it wrong, and it left a bad taste in my mouth about homeschooling.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with some kids from homeschooling groups in my current town, and they are far more well adjusted and sane.  It’s changed my mind so much that, should we have kids, we may even consider taking this route with them someday.  (Although I’m not sure these kids are really homeschooled they seem to be more of a very flexible private school group that calls themselves homeschooled.  Either way, I was really impressed with them.)


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