See, why do people have to put these things into my head

I know that this will never happen, but now, I want it to.  A couple of Above the Law writers are advocating Clarence Thomas for president. 

The Republican Party is in disarray, with no clear message — as shown in last week’s primaries — and with no obvious candidate to challenge President Obama in 2012. Thomas could be the GOP’s new standard-bearer. He has enviable name recognition, both as a long-serving justice and as the author of the bestselling 2007 autobiography “My Grandfather’s Son.” And he has already survived the nasty political attacks that marked his 1991 confirmation hearings.

A Thomas candidacy would bring racial diversity and a moving personal story to the Republican ticket. Thomas was born into poverty in Pin Point, Ga. He didn’t have indoor plumbing until he moved to Savannah to live with his grandparents at age 7.

“[My grandfather] told us that if we learned how to work, we would be able to live as well as he and Aunt Tina did when we grew up,” Thomas wrote in his memoir. “. . . Our first task was to get a good education, so that we could hold down a ‘coat-and-tie-job,’ and he wouldn’t listen to any excuses for failure.” Through hard work and a dedication to education, including degrees from Holy Cross College and Yale Law School, Thomas became a distinguished lawyer and public servant.

Thomas is well suited for political office. On the nation’s highest court, he has had to reflect and rule on the country’s most divisive issues. He also has political experience predating the court. He worked as an assistant attorney general in Missouri and then for the Reagan administration in the Department of Education and as head of the EEOC.

I’d be terrible if he risked it and lost (although, as Glenn Reynolds points out– who says he has to step down to run?)- we just couldn’t allow Obama to appoint his replacement.  And he would lose- as I’ve said before, as a minority who isn’t liberal, he represents something that the liberals know they must destroy.   But, oh! the justices that a president Thomas would appoint. 

Ilya Somin doesn’t think it’s a good idea for mostly the same reasons I don’t. (No real discussion of how he would actually be as president, though).

5 Responses

  1. Interesting idea; we could do worse (and probably will.)

    One question I would have: does he have significant experience as an administrator?

    And, of course, if he did run the attacks on him from the Left would make the poisonous mess of his confirmation hearings look like a kindegarten squabble over the crayons.

    • He ran the EEOC before he was put on the bench, which is a sort of administration-type job. But you’re right, he’s not got great experience (unless you compare him to the current example!)

      But you’re right, it would be an ugly, ugly battle. I have a theory, based mostly on his confirmation and the overall reaction to Sarah Palin, that the left simply cannot handle the idea of one of “their” groups thinking for themselves- that’s why blacks and women who are outspokenly conservative get absolutely savaged. (If we ever have a prominant gay conservative, we will certainly see the same thing)

      • Well, comparing him to the current example is setting the bar awfully low (as we, to our sorrow, are learning.)

        I am in complete agreement with your theory about the Left’s reaction to anyone from one of their designated victim groups commiting the thought crime of thinking for themselves. Also, I think it gives them a political correct outlet for a lot of surpressed racism and misogyny. As an example of this, Michelle Malkin publishes, now and then, selections from the masses of hate mail she gets. They all seem to start out “You slant-eyed whore…” and go down hill from there.

  2. Christie-Thomas ticket?

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