“Yeah, we waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, I’d do it again to save lives,”

Thank you, Former President Bush.  I disagree with a lot of what you did, but I don’t regret my vote for you.  I’d do it again to know that people like you are willing to save lives. 

In a question-and-answer session following his speech to the group of local business leaders, the former president also defended his 2003 decision to invade Iraq.

 “Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do and the world is a better place without him,” he said according to the paper.

How some people fail to see this, I do not know.  The time is gone for reasoning about it; it’s all emotion and memory, but I have no regrets. 

Added: In addition to his clarity on this issue, I admire the fact that Mr. Bush refuses to criticize his replacement, while still not equivocating on what is right.  He’s a classy fellow.


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  1. No one disagrees that Saddam was one of the worst of the lot and justice caught up with him. That we trumped up all the other hoopla to invade Iraq when if Mr. Bush had just said, “hey..I wanna get that guy so we are going in” then it would have been something for an up and down vote.

    But what Mr. Bush did was borrow the family car to go to the library and instead went out drinking.

    That’s the difference some of us see.

    • Good to hear from you, hdhouse. I guess we all have different memories of our impressions at any given time, but I distinctly remember having discussions w/ my husband about getting rid of Saddam and his regime being the main, and clearly justifying, reason that we should go in during the time leading up to the invasion. WMD was still being debated at that time, but we agreed that, even if there were no WMD, it was still the right thing to do (I recall comparing it to a bodybuilder witnessing an old lady being beaten- although not perhaps required, it would be morally correct to intervene, and a moral failing not to).

      So, in other words, I don’t feel that I was misled that that was the plan and the goal, in the way you seem to. But memories are faulty things, and we all read them in our own ways.

      It would make a great project to go back and review a lot of news & opinions from the months leading up to the war, but it’d be a pretty huge project, too. Hopefully, history will do it when the time comes.

  2. The belief that we “trumped up all the other hoopla” is misguided at best and, more likely, deliberately misplaced based on individual political leanings. I find that those who think that the invasion of Iraq was wrong also tend to think that the only reason that the US invaded Iraq was because of the alleged presence of WMDs. The subsequent absence of WMDs then allows war critics to argue that the US (and her allies) never should have invaded Iraq in the first place.

    But this mindset ignores the fact that Bush, Blair and the leaders of the other invading countries acknowledged that the presence of WMDs was only one reason behind the invasion. In particular, Bush openly stated that other reasons for the invasion were to end Saddam’s support of terrorism and to free the Iraqi people. Perhaps my memory is faded, but I fail to remember Bush saying something to the effect of “if we don’t find any WMDs, we’re going to immediately leave.”

    My only point is the one that you already made, Lyssa. WMDs or not, the US still had a legitimate reason to dethrone Saddam. Keep in mind that I’m only discussing whether the invasion was legitimate – not whether it was advisable or wise. But let’s not pretend that the absence of WMDs makes this war illegitimate.

  3. […] did we go to war in Iraq? Posted on June 10, 2010 by Lyssa A few days ago, I wrote a post thanking Former President George W. Bush for his unwavering support for doing what was right in our […]

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