I’ve been watching “America: The Story of Us,” a twelve part mini-series on the History Channel, and it is nothing short of amazing.  I’m constantly overwhelmed at the fact that I had the incredible fortune to be born in this great country.  I’ve only finished the Westward expansion section (just after the Civil War), and it is incredibly inspirational to watch what the early Americans went through and came out stronger for it. 

A few months ago, I saw another History Channel documentary on Andrew Jackson, and it was said that, at his death, one of the servants asked “Do you think General Jackson has gone to Heaven?” and another responded “If General Jackson wants to go to Heaven, I don’t know who is going to stop him.”  This was the story of early Americans: no one, not the vastly more powerful British army, not the harsh plains, not even division, would get in their way.  I hope that we still have some of that spirit. 

One complaint: for some reason, the marathon I caught skipped straight from “WWII” to “Millenium.”  I’ve been trying to find it online or on demand, but can’t.  Other than buying the DVD, does anyone know a source for the episodes covering the time between? 

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