How desperate are liberals to show Tea Party evil-ness?

Laughably desperate.  Salon “reports,” in an article ironically titled “Maine Tea Party: Worse Than You Think”: 

I learned Friday that their ideas weren’t all that was crazy about the Maine Tea Partiers. The state GOP just apologized to Portland’s King Middle School, because conventioneers who gathered at the Expo, but used the middle school for caucusing unbelievably, vandalized an eighth-grade classroom. Relying on reports in the Portland Press Herald, Think Progress describes what the Tea Party caucusers did to eighth-grade teacher Paul Clifford’s class:

For seven years, Clifford has had a collage-type poster depicting the history of the U.S. labor movement on his classroom door. He uses it to teach his students how to incorporate collages into their annual project on Norman Rockwells historic Four Freedoms illustrations. When Clifford returned to his classroom on Monday, after the GOP caucuses, the poster was gone; in its place was a sticker reading, Working People Vote Republican. Republicans opened a closed cardboard box they found near Cliffords desk and later objected to the fact that it contained copies of the U.S. Constitution donated to the school by the American Civil Liberties Union. After the caucuses, rank-and-file Republicans who were upset by what they said they had seen in Cliffords classroom began calling the school, objecting to student art they had seen and a sticker on a filing cabinet reading People for the American Way Fight the Right. 

When Clifford got to work and saw the poster had been replaced by the “Working People Vote Republican” sticker, at first he laughed, he told the Portland Press Herald, thinking, “‘All right, that’s funny, But then I go inside my room thinking the poster will be on my desk and it isn’t. And so now I’m like, ‘You know what? This is baloney!”‘ 

Perhaps that should be the new liberal anti-Tea Party Slogan: “The Tea Party!  They’re Full of Balony!” 

At my law school, we could purchase (well, rent) lockers, and some students decorated theirs with bumper stickers, mostly the sort that pointed out the evils of Bush with clever puns.  When I decided to put one of my own up, I decided to keep it positive and not cutsie, since it was something that I would have to see every day, so I got a simple one stating “Support the Fair Tax.”  A few weeks later, some jerk permanent markered an “un” next to the word fair.  Clever.  Totally the sort of thinking that would get a law student far in life.  It was pretty annoying.  I might have even shouted “That’s Baloney!” 

Think Salon will cover that one, and proclaim that the Anti-Fair Tax-ers are worse than you think? (And yes, whoever took the poster and went through the guy’s stuff was doing an obnoxious and asshole-y thing.  But come on, this is the great event that shows how evil they are?  Sheesh!)


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