Sarah Palin is one of us

Matthew Continetti, in a piece titled “Palin in the Mainstream” (via Instapundit) writes:

Sarah Palin delivered the keynote address to a breakfast of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony’s List this morning. The speech was typical for Palin: attacks on big government and the media, a robust defense of the culture of life using her personal narrative as an example, and support for a “frontier feminism” opposed to the version of women’s liberation found in faculty lounges at “East Coast” schools. You can watch the speech here.

As I listened to the speech, I was struck by how Palin’s positions are widely shared. She opposes the health care law — so does the public. She’s concerned about the federal deficit — so is the public (see question 10b). She supports the Arizona illegal immigration law — so does the public. She supports the right to life — and the public is moving toward her. She supports the Afghanistan surge and the current course in Iraq — both Obama administration policies.

This is something that has really troubled me about the public reaction to Palin for a while.  She’s constantly and unequivocally painted as a conservative extremist, the most extreme of the extreme. Yet, I never see actual facts to back up these accusations, or the facts are completely made up.  As far as I can tell from actually watching Palin, she’s center right, but no more to the right than many prominent conservatives, and certainly not extreme.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you. I find the vitriol directed at Sarah Palin bizarre.
    I think it comes out of a combination of fear and disdain.

    The fear, I think, comes from her demonstrated ability to rally the conservative base. This makes her a threat to the left and as such she must be destroyed.

    The disdain seems to come from simple snobbishness: “OMG, she sounds like a hick! She didn’t go to a decent school! She lives in a frozen wilderness and has way too many children!”. Now, of course, if Palin was a leftist, all these things would be pointed to as signs of her authenticity by her current detrators. Tho, I would bet that many of them would still sneer at her behind her back.

  2. By the way, have you read Continetti’s book: “The Persecution of Sarah Palin”? I picked it up thinking the title rather over the top but he backs it up with chapter and verse citations. A good read.

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