Who is in charge of the White House here?

Slate’s John Dickerson has a good article questioning Obama’s assertions that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has a “special understanding of ordinary people” given her extraordinary background.  I have no real critiques of the thesis, but this paragraph really jumped out at me:

The talking points the White House sent to their elite supporters also cite Kagan’s Harvard Law Review article “Presidential Administration” as proof that she understands how the law affects people’s lives. It was honored as the year’s top scholarly article by the American Bar Association‘s Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. After reading some of the article, which addresses the structure of the White House, I asked for some clarification about how that article addressed issues related to regular Americans. A White House aide suggested I Google the host of legal experts who had said so. (I did. I couldn’t find them.)

So, let’s get this straight.  The White House puts out as talking points a justification that is, on its face, makes absolutely no sense.  When questioned about it, the White House gives a brush off response that is barely a step above linking to justf*****ggoogleit.com, and even that response was, as it turns out, completely made up. 

These are our leaders?

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