Abortion is Just Another Medical Procedure, Right?

If that’s true, why do women receiving one need someone to hold their hands while having one done?  Slate writes:

A recent Bust magazine article on the pregnancy assistants known as doulas contained this description of their duties: “Sometimes the doula will hold a woman’s hand or rub her scalp to calm her; other times, she may crack corny jokes or trade dating stories.” Except the article wasn’t about a doula entertaining a woman in labor—it was about a doula helping a woman during her abortion.

Assisting a woman during her vacuum aspiration was not always part of a doula’s job description. Most doulas serve pregnant women in the last few months before and during her delivery….

Abortion doula services were unheard of until three years ago, when pro-choice activists within the birth community decided that they should serve the full spectrum of pregnancy choices, whether it’s birth, adoption, or abortion. Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell created New York City’s Doula Project, a volunteer-based service that provides free doula services to women in New York City. They work with pregnant women who can’t afford doulas, expectant birth-mothers at a pro-choice adoption agency, and provide abortion doula services in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Now, I can understand having a doula for a birth- there’s something pretty darn awesome, and stressful!, about bringing a life into the world.  But these services, as pointed out in the article, cost from $300 on up- no one’s arguing that a patient should have one for an appendix removal or hysterectomy.  What’s different about abortion?  A person can deny what’s going on, and some even succeed at it, but there’s going to be a lot of stress from trying to convince yourself that the thing that you are having “removed” is not a person.  We all know that abortion is not just another medical procedure.

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