It sounds kind of crazy, but

today I brulee’d a grapefruit.  And it was quite good.

4 Responses

  1. Actually, it sounds delicious.

    BTW, your hyperlinks in the Althouse comments section aren’t working because you’re using [ ] instead of

  2. The last part of my post disappeared, I realize, because “angle brackets” (those things on your keyboard that serve also as mathematical inequality signs) can’t be used as html text because they’re used to denote commands. So the instructions for linking via text posted on Althouse used square brackets instead.

    So, using square brackets instead of angle brackets, the format for inserting links into text is

    [a “href=http://whatever site you’re linking to”]text you want to use as your link[/a]

    In your attempt to do this on Althouse’s blog, you didn’t substitute angle brackets for square brackets and you didn’t specify the text you wanted to use for your hyperlink.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Oops. I put the quotation marks in the wrong place. Should be

    [a href=”URL”]text[/a]

    Also, the “preview” option is a nice way to make sure you’ve coded properly before posting.

    • Yeah, I get it now. Serves me right for trying to be lazy and cut and paste rather than copy. Someday I’ll just commit it to memory, I hope.

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