Nice Weather for Grilling Some Pizza

We were going to do leftovers last night for dinner, but then my husband noticed just how nice it was outside, and said, “Let’s do grilled pizza!”  How could I say no to this:

The recipe is available here, although I have heard that you can use a prepared pizza dough if you don’t want to make your own (I’m not recommending this, though).  

Some tips:

  • The good people at Cook’s Illustrated say that sauce is too soggy, but my husband is adverse to unprocessed tomatoes.  We’ve never had a problem as long as we keep it very light.  (I love sauce, so I keep a bit on the side for dipping .)
  • Same with toppings.  The Margherita version, with just basil and cheese, is lovely, but our personal favorite is pinapple and sausage.  The pizza is sturdy enough to hold it. 
  • This pizza also plays well with unusual toppings.  Try a basil pesto instead of sauce, with a sprinkling of pine nuts.  Or, once we made it with a bechamel sauce of provolone cheese and topped it with grilled shrimp.  Oh, but that was good!
  • I love beer and pizza as much as (or probably more than) most people, but this is really a wine pizza.  I know it sounds weird,  but believe me, it is.

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