What others are eating

As a skinny person who loves food, I’m often faced with cracks, some polite and some not, about how I stay slim.  At the same time, though, I’m often shocked by the things many people who appear to believe that their weight is outside of their control actually eat. 
That’s why the “advice to others” in this article, from a woman who lost 102 lbs, drives me batty.  
Her advice to others: Be willing to make some changes, even small changes to your diet will help. If you drink soda, switch to diet soda. If you eat fast food, gradually cut back on the number of times you eat it each week until you cut it out. Cut out excess sugar.
Gradually cut back the number of times you eat fast food each week?  How on earth can someone with weight concerns eat fast food on a “several times a week” basis?  I eat fast food, perhaps six or seven times a year.  It’s a very rare treat.  Since learning how to cook, I don’t even think of it as generally appealing anymore (occasionally it’s agreeable as a sort of slumming, but only rarely).  There are dozens, nay, hundreds, of quick and easy recipes that can be made in less time than it takes to swing by the drive-thru, and they taste better, too. 
The same with soda.  Why on earth would you drink it on a regular basis?  That’s an enormous amount of sugar to take in at one time.  Don’t your teeth feel fuzzy afterwards?  Gross.  Other than in the occasional mixed drink, I rarely touch the stuff.  And I didn’t need someone else’s advice to tell me that. 
I waited tables for a few years in college, and in my experience, you had maybe somewhat chunky people who generally ate normally, and could credibly say that their less than perfectly ideal weight was a product of genetics, and then you had the truely fat (I’m talking Precious fat) people who ate exactly like you would expect them to.  Refill after refill on soda, extra extra dressing, fries, extra butter, and so on.  They usually finished their enormously portioned meals before the normal-weighted people had time to taste theirs, too, making me wonder why they even needed the taste enhancers like butter and dressing. 
I don’t deprive myself, but I do eat vegetables (and not just the lettuce on a Big Mac!) every day (mostly frozen), fruit on a regular basis, and drink a lot of water and (unsweetened) tea.  And I have a small dessert (often after lunch and dinner) just about every day and a burger and fries when I really want them.  It isn’t that hard, guys. 
I’m glad this women lost weight and changed her habits, so I’m not putting her down.  It’s just that I read an article like this, and then I hear fat people shout “Woe is me, I cannot help my weight!” and something doesn’t add up. 
Added: The Advice Goddess took some serious heat (but came out swinging) when she advised a woman that her weight gain was probably why her boyfriend was losing interest. 

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  1. hehe. It is also my experience that people who are ridiculously fat clearly display the cause when you sit them down in a restaurant. I have a friend who is about 5’5 and 180 who will eat out weekly, have an order of cheese fries for an app, then devour an entire retaurant sized meal before I am halfway through eating. She swears she’s fat because of birth control!! lol it’s comically ridiculous. In general I think we are just going through a transition in terms of learning to deal with hyperabundant food sources, while the need and opportunity for physical activity decreases.

    I don’t think it’s fair to hate them too much though; whatever keeps them entertained is fine with me.

    Fast food has it’s uses. Mostly for rushed days. I also can cook a bit and am aware that I can prepare much better tasting food while keeping it healthier… but after a long day of work… quick and effortless wins. Ooh, also for a single person only feeding themselves.. it can end up cheaper to over-eat fast food.

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