I shouldn’t have to pay for your sentimentality

Caught White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs interviewing with Chris Matthews on Fox News Sunday while I was putting together a fabulous pot full of meatballs and sauce.  Gibbs had to push Obamacare with a sob story about the letters that the president receives.  He told of one woman who wrote to the president about her premiums going up, and how she had to choose between keeping “the house that had been in her family for 50 years” and keeping insurance.  She kept the house, and is now in the hospital.  We should be sad for her. 

No.  She wants to keep her house because it’s been in her family for a while.  I accept the desire to do that, if you can.  I don’t particularly agree with it; I would personally prefer to live in a home that I chose, rather than one that was appropriate, in 1960, for someone else with who I share some DNA, but maybe that’s just me.  But I know that people get attached to property that has some measure of history.  But that is it; it is a sentimental attachment.  He didn’t say that she would be homeless, only that she would not be able to keep that house.  If you can’t afford your house, you can sell it and move somewhere cheaper.  People do it all the time.  The only reasons not to are the personal attachment and the hassle factor. 

I don’t believe that money should be taken from people who earned it, under the threat of violence, so that someone can maintain sentimentality and avoid hassle.


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  1. I was just reading old posts while browsing for your strawberries in balsamic recipe so this is kind of a late comment, but how is it that hard to ‘keep’ a house that has been paid off for 20 years? I realize some folks in California and Chicago pay high property taxes, but are they that much higher than rent, which is also high in California and Chicago?

    If it’s the estate taxes that make keeping the house difficult, then that’s a different, but ongoing debate from health care.

    • Great point. Basically, during this debate, every thing in the world seemed to be about healthcare, when very little actually was.

      Let me know what you thought about the strawberries- BTW, we tried it with cherries last night, and it was mmmmm!

  2. In the end, you never own your home free and clear because of property taxes. In Texas a homeowner that is 3 years behind can owe as much as 20% of their home value in property taxes. It’s the price to pay of home ownership and it is the responsibility of each property own to stay current on their taxes.

    • it is the responsibility of each property own[er] to stay current on their taxes.

      Just thought that that bore repeating! As in, it is the owner’s responsibility, and no one else’s.

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