And then they came for the gays

I’ve got a new article posted at NewsBlaze, where I discuss the way that liberals, believing that they and they alone have the monopoly on “oppressed people,” must destroy, by any means necessary, women, gays, and blacks who dare to outspokenly express conservative viewpoints.


2 Responses

  1. Back when I was on that side of the political fence (the Left side, not long ago either) I was amazed when people would do this. I mean, attack people for not being with “us”. At the time I really thought it was rare.

    Now that I have escaped, I am noticing how not-so-rare it is.

    Also discovered that those of us who really do care about the welfare of others don’t stay over there where I was for long.

    Noticed you on Amy Alkon’s blog, like your posts!

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