I’d like to give a big shout-out to all those feminists

and pro-choicers who stood up against their own, when the National Organization of Women Who Think Like Us went after Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow and his mom pro-life ad.

Jill Stanek at BigJournalism.com summarizes some of their statements.

One Response

  1. The people who went ballistic over the ad should be very embarrassed right now. They made fools of themselves, overreacting the way they did. I’m totally pro-choice, but had no problem from the beginning with the ad, or any version the Tebows might’ve made.
    I’m glad some of the other prominent pro-choice groups stood up for CBS, FotF, and the Tebows. I might not agree with their side, but it would’ve been wrong to try to stop the ad.

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