Can I get Redhead Certification?

Because, you know, you might want to do business with redheads.  I’ll bet that you don’t do much business with redheads at all, you gingerist, you!

The reason that I ask this is, of course, that I have recently learned (courtesy of Amy Alkon) that some companies are all but required to get minority certification so that they can be included on business’s “vendor diversity lists” in order to allow those vendors to give themselves a big happy over the fact that they are hiring minorities.  Here’s what happens:

Certification is a review process designed to ensure that a small business is actually owned, controlled, and operated by the applicants. Most certifications are granted for Minority or Women owned businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, and Underutilized businesses. Certification agencies implement the processes for government and private sector entities and ensure that only firms that meet the eligibility criteria of the individual programs are properly certified.

My dad works for the feds, and he’s complained about having to work specifically with minority or women owned businesses to me before.  He says that they are required to do so, but they generally get poor service and much higher prices than he believes that they would if they just shopped on the open market like anyone else.  But I guess when being a certain color or having certain sex organs gives you a leg up, you can afford to let a few other things drop. 

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