Things to know about the Obama budget proposal

Here’s what CNN thinks you need to know.

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  1. This is a reply to your comment at Althouse re poll of Republicans. You’ve never met anyone for secession? Well, Google ‘Georgia Senate Resolution 632’, and meet a whole party of Congressmen who are for it.
    I grew up in Johnson City (Gray/Boone’s Creek, to be exact), and now live in Middle Tennessee. If you haven’t met the people who would answer the poll questions like they did, then you haven’t been socializing much! Seen a Tea Party rally lately? It’s ugly, and the poll results seem reasonable to me.

    • Hmm, odd response. Why didn’t you just respond in the Althouse discussion? Oh, well, thanks for checking me out, anyway!

      “You’ve never met anyone for secession? Well, Google ‘Georgia Senate Resolution 632′, and meet a whole party of Congressmen who are for it”

      I hate when people do this, put 2 sentences together as if they are supposed to show some great contradiction, when they don’t at all. I said that I’m a Tennesseean, under what circumstances would I be interacting with GA senators? This “poll” was about people, citizens, not state senators.

      But, back to the resolution: it’s not calling for succession; it’s calling for a reaffirmation of state’s rights and limited gov’t under the Constitution. I read some of the editorials on it, from which I’m assuming you are pulling your interperetation- what I read was not written by someone familiar with constitutional law and grossly misinterpreted it (I’d blame the legislators as well for that, because the res is a beast to read!)

      As for the rest, I’ve seen a lot of reports from tea parties. Not much ugliness to speak of, unless you’ve just got that big a problem with little old ladies. See, for example, my piece on how absurd the ThinkProgress’s best allegations of “racism” were at one event..

      I’m gonna guesss that you’ve never actually seen a tea party; you’re just making up the ugliness based on stereotypes and preconceived ideas.

  2. You are guessing?! After you ridicule me for not understanding something (the GA Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve their positive opinion of the option to go it alone), you guess what I’ve done or not done? Yes, I’ve seen a tea party rally. Lots of angry people with mean, angry signs and messages, screaming at anyone who they disagree with.
    I stand by my connection of the poll and the GA Senate resolution. If you want a Tennessee link, look up state Rep Susan Lynn. She states that ‘many other states’ have legislation passed in this vein. I’ll send you her op-ed from 11/09, or you can find it at

    • Hey, thanks for coming back!

      “You are guessing?! After you ridicule me for not understanding something (the GA Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve their positive opinion of the option to go it alone), you guess what I’ve done or not done?”

      See, now you’re doing that thing again, where you put 2 sentences together as if you’ve caught me in some grand contradiction, when they clearly have nothing to do with each other. What’s up with that? (BTW, I’m awfully tempted to guess that you’re just lying about my guess being wrong, but that would be no fun, so I’ll refrain.)

      What I’m really amused by is your allegation that I “ridiculed” you. All I did was say that your interpretation was wrong; it doesn’t say what you think it says (and I conceeded that it’s terribly written, so you have a good reason to not understand it). Well, if you’re going to take that as ridiculing, I guess I can see how you got “mean, angry signs and messages” from a bunch of peaceful housewives, families, and old people who don’t want the gov’t to spend so much. Seems that also explains why you didn’t post your response in the Althouse forum; after all, if more than one person disagreed with (ridiculed) you, you might not be able to take it!

      Re: the seccession issue: I couldn’t find rep Lynn’s op-ed in the Tennesseean, but I found this blog post that looks like the same thing. It certainly doesn’t call for seccession (and it’s easy to read), just a re-affirmation of constitutional principles of state sovereignty. (Yes, a number of states have passed that sort of resolution; but I didn’t see anything about wanting to adhere to constitutional principles in the poll, so it’s not really relevant, now is it?) She also notes that the resolution she refers to was signed by the Governor, who is a Democrat. I’d also add that the GA resolution that you referred to passed by a wide margin, and I don’t see GA going anywhere, so it sure doesn’t look like they were trying to seceed. (Of course, if they did, maybe they’d stop trying to steal our water.)

  3. The reasons I didn’t respond at Althouse are 1. I didn’t want it to get lost in the mix, 2. I saw that you are from E.TN. and thought it’d be interesting to converse with you on this topic, and 3. you have a link to this site in your response, so I figured you want people to visit your site. BTW, I commented on this post because I couldn’t find a way to contact you any other way.
    OK, let’s start again. The Tea Party protest I saw was in downtown Cookeville, where I live. Don’t know how I can prove that I was there, so you’ll have to trust me. It wasn’t as ugly as the town hall meetings I’ve seen on tv (nowhere close), but it wasn’t just upset housewives, either.
    Read the last paragraph of your 1st post. Not ridicule? I realize it doesn’t rise to the level of some on the internet, but I’d like to keep things nicer. If that’s a problem, so be it.

    • I’m sorry you found what I said offensive; I do try to make an effort to measure the tone, but I still fail to see the ridiculing in that post. My statements were straightforward and unapologectic, but not insulting.

      As for your experiences, well, I’ve seen this sort of thing before, in fact, I’ve lived this sort of thing before. I call it the “self-hating southerner.” As a transplanted New Jersey native, in my younger days, I loathed that I had been rudely yanked from what I then interpreted as the sophisticated, enlightened city to such a hickville nothingness. I was a maligned flower, suffering the wrath of being deprived of my glory, surrounded by these lessers with their southern accents and manual labor.

      Then I grew up a little. I looked at the lifestyle here verses there; I started to listen to my parents when they swore they would never go back. I started to understand that “education” is not all it’s cracked up to be; a person who can fix a transmission is a lot more valuable than any ph.D. I started to understand that Southerners, in general, lived very well in their non-elite lives. I started to get rid of the stereotypes; I understood that southern accent did not equal racist or dumb. I won’t ever fly a confederate flag, but I would be loathe to return to the location of my roots.

      Look back at your posts about your experience at the tea party rally you attended. It’s full of subjective statements with no specificity. You saw what your stereotypes guided you to see. Of course people will be loud, even screaming, at a rally. That doesn’t make them mean, or bad people. It certainly doesn’t prove ANY of the aspects of this absurd poll (I don’t recall “do you support yelling at a rally?” being a question.)

      Please don’t take my ribbing about not posting at Althouse too seriously; it was tongue in cheek. I’ve enjoyed the discussion, and I do like to have people visit my little slice of the blogosphere. I hope that you’ll look at and comment on some of my other posts as well. Thank you.

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