The Couger and the Boxer

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a lovely story about a couple celebrating their 80th year of marriage.   

Mitchell and Mattie Atkins were married in Jacksonville, Floria on Jan. 14, 1930.

Given some of the facts in their long life of love, it would be tempting to title this tale: “The Boxer and the Cougar,” but it would only be partly true.

What’s really true is what happened in their livingroom on Thursday as they reiminisced about their marriage.

“She was the prettiest thing in the whole world,” said Mr. Atkins, 97, known in his family as Daddy Mitch. “And she’s still the loveliest.”

Wheelchair bound with crippling arthritis, Mrs. Atkins, 103, is almost completely deaf. She can hear when a daughter shouts right into her ear. So, on Thursday, Ronye Smaller leaned close and repeated her father’s words.

A smile spread over Mrs. Atkins’ face, moving from eyes to lips. “He’s a joy to be around.” she said, then joked about her husband’s kisses.

“I find no fault in him, except he always comes up by me slobbering on me.”

They were married in 1930.  He was 17; she was 23.  Can you imagine?

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