Your tax dollars at work?

NPR refuses to apologise for their crude cartoon:

National Public Radio executives say there will be “no apology” for an animated cartoon on the network’s website that has angered thousands of conservatives. The cartoon, entitled “How to Speak Tea Bag,” by satirist Mark Fiore, will remain on the NPR site, executives tell NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard.

The cartoon is a mock instructional video in which viewers are told that if they are “distracted by the confusing words of other languages” — for example, by the calm and rational discussion of health care reform — they can instead learn to speak “Tea Bag.” At that point, a figure begins to yell, “Socialist! Socialist!”

“If you’re having trouble understanding the words of others or being understood yourself, use Tea Bag’s stronger, more descriptive words,” the narrator says. The figure then yells, “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!” The video takes brief shots at Republican Reps. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Michelle Bachmann before envisioning a “paranoid future” in which people speak Tea Bag and walk around screaming “Nazi! — Socialist! — Baby killer!”

“Tea Bag,” the video concludes. “Because other languages are just too hard.”

Now, I would just write this off as another stupid liberal anti-intellectual “joke” if it came from a private outfit, even a well-respected one like the NYT.  But the group behind NPR receives literally millions of tax-payer dollars each year to fund their services.  In case you’re out of the loop, taxes are taken from working people under the threat of force (yes, they are withheld from your paycheck in a nice and non-threatening seeming way, but try not paying them for a while and see what happens).  Presumably, if we are going to accept that, it should be for things that help with the greater good and are necessary to ensuring our safety, freedom, and general welfare. 

Our tax dollars should not be spent on entertainment, and they especially should not be spent on crude, hypocritical cartoons denigrating others.


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  1. I have a theory that the true purpose of the so-called town-hall meetings was to intentionally bring in people who were kinda dumb and steaming-mad, let them melt down on camera, then use them as a sort of straw-man to justify ignoring anyone who opposed their bill. From that stroke of PR genius, they got license to depict anyone who opposes any of their nonsense as a ranting idiot.

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