Doesn’t this basically prove a lack of sexism?

Feminist Blog Women and Hollywood has their pants in a bunch over the fact that The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Ten Movies of the decade forgot to include a directors with special needs section any films with women directors. 

Here’s a list that caught my attention, The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Ten Movies of the Decade and not surprisingly, there is not a single female directed film on the list.  You can tell from the list that it was not a US based list so that opens is up much wider.  I seriously cannot believe that a single woman directed film in the last decade is not worthy of being on this list.

So, with the exception of a big deal director like Spielberg or James Cameron, who really looks at the name, and therefore, sex, of the director of a movie when naming it the best?  I’m looking over the list, and I can only name one director off the top of my head of any of the movies, and even that’s just a guess I can’t place a single one to a director off the top of my head. 

Now, I’m sure that a true movie buff of the sort that puts together top movies of the decade can note the directors better than I (I’ll admit that I haven’t even seen any of the movies on the list), but even so, do the nice folks at Women and Hollywood really think that the reviewer was sitting in the theater, judging the movie on the basis of whether or not the director had a penis? 

If the reviewers had specifically included a female directed movie just to include one, that would have been sexist.  If they simply made a list of the “best movies” (based on whatever criteria they wish to base it on), with no real consideration of who directed them, and the list happened to include only movies directed by male directors, well, that is exactly what I want to happen.  If a woman, or anyone, is going to get acclaimed for her directorial skills, I want it to be because she made a great movie as compared to all the other great movies, not because she made a great movie, for a girl. 

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  1. ya. Agreed. But this could be approached from a broader perspective of how girls are raised and whether pursuing some sort of self-sctualization is really encouraged for females from childhood. Clearly no one should get an ‘affirmative action’ inclusion on some dumb*ss list like that but, at the same time, there is some explanation for the lack of fem directors, that we are not aware of, and so the phenomenon is worthy of note I think.

    screw that list anyway, no country for old men?? barf. Brolin was ok in W but no country was a total snoozefest.

    Where was Pan’sLabyrinth? Lord of The Rings? Pride & Prejudice(or anything with keira knightly)? That list is highly suspect. I think it may be sexist, racist, and un-american all at once.

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