“At the same time, men are incapable of doing anything they consider unpleasant.”

Amy Alkon points to this absurd hit piece on men, which she calls “creepy and hostile, from Pravada

Have you ever thought something like “Men are terrible creatures.. They wage wars, start conflicts and then blame us for everything saying that all they do they do it for women. They demand impossible from women expecting them to do dishes, cook, work, and look like women on magazine covers. At the same time, men are incapable of doing anything they consider unpleasant. They behave as though it’s a man’s world, but do they have a right to it? What can a person demand if he is not capable of doing his own dishes? It turns out that even the most peaceful and loving wives feel this way once in a while. We conducted an opinion poll to find out what are the top pet peeves wives have about their husbands. 1. Selfishness

This one is the basis for all other faults since a selfish man is convinced it is his world, and you are entitled to follow him wherever he goes whether you want it or not.

First off, if a woman doesn’t want to “follow [a man] wherever he goes, then there is a simple answer to that: Don’t.  As Amy said, “if men are so irksome to you, marry a plant.”  You’re not entitled to a relationship with a man, completely on your terms, just because he is there. 

Ladies, listen to me, of 8.5 years of wedded bliss, if you’re not thanking whatever diety to which you subscribe every day that you have, through whatever amazing luck, been given the opportunity to follow your man, and if he is not doing the same for you, look elsewhere.  Neither of you deserve one another. 

But, relationship advice aside, here’s what really boiled my blood.  “At the same time, men are incapable of doing anything they consider unpleasant.”

Doctors put in extremely long hours, and years of difficult work to become proficient.  A lot of them are men.  Firefighters and police officers, with men in the large majority, must rush into dangerous situations to help others, never knowing if they will come out again.  As first responders, they must be available in the middle of the night, and holidays, while other people get to rest and spend time with their families. 

I have a friend whose husband is a national guard member.  He’s the sort of fellow that, if there’s a party, he’s the one who seeks out the kids and plays rowdy games with them until they’re too tired to cause any trouble.  From the moment they got engaged, he was asking for children of his own.  Five weeks after his first daughter was born, he left for Iraq, where he spent a year, communicating with his wife and child through a keyboard.  He missed the first year of her life.  Now, two years later, he’s on his way again, missing the third year of her life as well. 

These men may like what they do, because they understand the importance of it, but do you really think that they find it “pleasant”?  Do you really think that they wouldn’t rather be at home, or working a 9-5 job in a clean, air-conditioned office somewhere? 

Don’t you dare call men selfish.


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  1. That was like an argument between cultural archetypes. lol, what was that about dishes!?! This strikes me as one of the girls who is in love with the masculine cultural construction, ie the rugged man who want his woman at home and does no dishes, but wants to cry about it all at the same time cuz he never wants to talk and share his feelings.

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