Where’s my flying car?

More than anything else, “2010” sounds incredibly futuristic.  As I child, I imagined 2000, perhaps even further, but I’m pretty sure my planning stopped by the time I would pass my 20’s (an event I will be celebrating in just a few weeks). 

 A few months ago, I happened to catch the second Back to the Future movie on cable (and I watched it. and I enjoyed it).  Do you realize that the future as imagined by Robert Zemeckis, with flying cars, hoverboards, holograms, and dehydrated pizza, took place in 2015?  That’s five years away!  Life still seems more like the 80’s than it does like the world of Marty McFly’s idiot child.  (She said as she typed on her 3 pound laptop computer information which would be instantly communicated to the rest of the world via wireless internet, while her husband plays Playstation 3 on a wireless controller and a plasma TV.) 

I feel so disappointed in you, future.


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