“Taxes may not be the root of all unhappiness, but they do result in some very sad citizens.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

Does living in a blue state make people blue? It seems so, according to a new study in Science magazine that ranks states according to their happiness. The study finds that New Yorkers are the unhappiest people in America and their neighbors in Connecticut come in a close second, followed by Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, California, and Illinois. And the happiest states? Drum roll, please…Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee, and Arizona.

My family moved from New Jersey to Georgia when I was 6, and then Tennessee when I was 9.  For years, as a dumb little kid, I thought that as soon as I was able, I was going to high-tail it back up to the happening city life and away from all the dumb southern rednecks. As I matured a bit, I realized how wrong I was.  Southerners were not dumb (some are still rednecks); they were far more pleasant in most cases than my New Jerseyian brethren.  And life here, compared to what I could be up north- couldn’t be better.

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