“If the KKK were in charge they could come up with no better way to keep black America from economic success.”

Commenter Duke says, of a Volokh post about a $150,000 settlement against a school for failing to stop black students from harassing other black students for “acting white” (with “acting white” being defined as doing well in school). 

I don’t know how common this is.  Several comments on the Volokh post from former educators claim to have seen this a lot, although I mentioned it to a black law student friend (who, as a high achiever and very clean-living sort (very religious), would have appeared to fit the “acting white” mold quite well), and he claimed not to know what I was talking about.  However, he was the product of a very religious education and had never attended public school, so maybe he was out of the loop. 

I’d like to think that, with all the problems President Obama presents to the country, he is, as a educationally successful, articulate, and slightly nerdy man, as well as a responsible father and husband, going to counteract that mindset.  I hope.

Added: In this video, Glenn Beck interviews Charles Payne about his experiences with this phenomenon growing up.  The story of a little boy wanting a briefcase just warms this redhaired nerd’s heart.  Fortunately, Mr. Payne didn’t let that attitude keep him down.

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