Baby, we can share the kitchen, or why women don’t want to be “feminists,” revisited

Hanna Rosin can’t believe that some man would invade her domain. 

When did a certain group of men take over the womanly art of home cooking? And why can’t we who are married to them just sit back and call their conquest of the kitchen a feminist triumph? If you had told a mistress of the house in the 1950s that one day her husband would julienne a carrot, she would have wept with joy. Perhaps she would have even held out a little longer against all those canned monstrosities designed to lighten her daily load. And yet, fast forward half a century, and some of us are starting to regret our lost dominion over the kitchen.

Silly me, I guess I always though that we should just avoid ideas like “women belong in the kitchen.”  My husband and I share these sorts of duties; she should try the same.

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