If you’re trying to parody anti-Semitism, consider me not getting the joke

I’ve been looking for avenues for writing beyond being just another WordPress blog, so I did some binging the other day and made a list of sites that were advertising for political writers.  (By the way, are we using “Bing” as an adjective yet?  I’ve been so tired of Google.) 

I came across several, a few which looked promising.  I also came across a site called “The Political Elite.”  The advertisment-post read as follows:

These are unpaid, yet rewarding opportunities. Writers may regularly submit their work on a variety of subjects to gain exposure for themselves as experts in their fields or to refer employers to professionally published examples of their writing to obtain positions as full-time, freelance, or syndicated columnists. Writers can show off the best examples of their writing to employers, families, or friends. In addition, authors can write about almost anything about politics.

we are not associated with any political organisation nor do we favor any over another. our main purpose is exposing any political drama. 

So, I added it to my list and went back to prepare to send in my work.  I haven’t really been considering the political leanings of the organizations I soliciting; you know me, I’m happy to discuss with anyone who can have a rational discussion, so I figured I’ll be happy to break down and analyze the differences with any sites that will have me.  Anyway, this ad stated that they are not associated with any political organization and just want to expose, so what was I worried about? 

But then, I clicked over to the main site, more just to see how often it was running and what kind of operation it looked like.  First post I see: “Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman: Senate to investigate Ft. Hood shooting.”  The post refers to Sen. Lieberman as “A key U.S.[ISRAEL] senator.” 

There is nothing in this post about Sen. Lieberman’s Judaism, or anything about Israel.  It isn’t even critical of the senator’s statement that they should investigate the Ft. Hood shooting.  It just bizarrely and blithely makes sure that you know that this is Sen. Lieberman’s defining characteristic by which he should be judged. 

Other samples:

 “Jewish Senator Lieberman: Billions of dollars for Israel But not a Dime for American Health Care

J Street- Progressive Zionists and an Anti-Apartheid Movement?”

and so on.

Obviously, I’m including the links for the sake of honesty in blogging; I’m not happy about providing them.  Can you imagine if a writer were to say, for example “Black President Barack Obama” or “Female Representative Michelle Bachman”?  It wouldn’t even prove a point, it would sound like a caricature of a racist or sexist, making fun of one who only looks at them through that lens.  It sounds like something that would appear in The Onion

But, apparently, this is the way someone out there thinks.  Jew = Bad, and that is all.  It’s so strange a concept to me that it almost seems funny.  But then not.  At all. 

I feel like I need to give my laptop a shower now.


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