Threats against the president are NOT up

since Obama took office

You may remember a rash of media reports in August and September about a claim that assassination threats directed at President Obama are up 400 percent over previous presidents, stretching the Secret Service to its limits. The claim came from a book by NewsMax’s Ronald Kessler, “In the President’s Secret Service.”

In the wake of the White House party crashers media blitz, Kessler has again gotten attention, saying the Secret Service has been cutting corners since 2003, and may be endangering Obama.

But Director of the Secret Service Mark Sullivan begged to differ at a Congressional hearing over the party crasher incident today:

 “The threats are not up,” Sullivan said, adding that they receive about the same amount of threats against Obama as they did for presidents Clinton and Bush.

 He also specifically claimed the 400-percent figure was incorrect and added, according to CBS’ Mark Knoller:

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan tells House committee reports of greater threats against Pres. Obama are not true. 

I’ve been meaning to research this, because I keep hearing different things.  I’ve heard the 400% claim several times, but never from reputable sources (mainly from commenters trying to prove how “racist” a country we are or something like that). 

Fortunately, The Weekly Standard beat me to the punch.  (Via Nealz Nuze).


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