Judged not by the color of you skin, but by the content of your . . . Oh, just forget it

Race was the only important factor in the recent Atlanta mayoral election, which could have resulted in the city’s first white mayor in 40 years:

“Atlanta is a black city, a symbol to the world,” [political strategist Tom] Houck said. “Putting [white candidate] Mary’s face on that picture would be hard for a lot of people to stomach.”

Funny, I’ve always thought that most blacks were emotionally mature enough to allow a person of a different color to represent them. 

Personally, I’d be most interested in a mayor who can clear up Atlanta’s many problems (and quit trying to steal our water), regardless of color.  But maybe that’s just me. 

Via Amy Alkon, who adds:

If I voted [in the presidential election] based on skin color, I would have voted for Obama. I think that, in such a short time after Jim Crow Laws and separate drinking fountains, that it’s really cool that we have a black president.

Me, too.

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