I’m rather proud of the people, and the news, in Denver

A Denver car dealer has put up an anti-Obama billboard which is stupid, useless, inflammatory, and completely Constitutionally protected. 

The large sign outside Wolf Automotive, near Interstate 70 and Kipling, shows two caricatures of President Obama, one in which he’s wearing a turban. It reads “President or Jihad?”

The billboard also urges Obama to prove he’s an American with the words “Birth Certificate” and “Prove It.” At the bottom is the message “Wake up America! Remember Ft. Hood!”

The article discusses a lot of complaints, some talk of protests, and some expressions of hope that the business fails.  (There are also some death threats, which, while hardly surprising in this sort of thing, definitely nasty and not what I am praising here.) 

But, throughout the article there is absolutely no assertion that Mr. Wolf’s sign should be removed by the authorities.  There are no assertions that this breaks any mythical laws against “hate speech” or “hate crimes.”  There are no assertions whatsoever that he should be restrained from saying what he wishes to say by the power of the state, or in any way other than the potential damage to the good will towards him or his business. 

Well played (except for the death threats, which are stupid), people of Colorado.


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