Not seeing the vicious backlash, here

I normally enjoy Cynthia Yockey’s unique perspective, as a “newly conservative lesbian,” on things, but I’m really disappointed in her latest post comparing the backlash involving Carrie Prejean to that involving the Ft. Hood massacre.   She has some pretty nasty things to say about Ms. Prejean following her actions on Larry King Live

She showed her true character again during her recent interview on “The Larry King Show” (above) when he asked her a question that a gracious and/or mature woman would have seen coming and memorized five or six charming and disarming replies for and then changed the subject. (I am ripping off the “charm and disarm” expression from an episode of “The West Wing.”)

King tossed Prejean a softball that hinted at her masturbation video, which she has acknowledged exists. A pro knows that is her golden opportunity to frame the controversy her way and move on — there’s nothing inappropriate about King’s question at all because THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE. However, Prejean is not a pro, so she did not recognize her golden opportunity for what it was, and instead, she took off her mic and prepared to storm off the set — because, you know, she is just that special — or, more likely, because that is how trailer trash think real ladies behave and Prejean was aiming at aping her betters.

Now, I probably would have been more measured and polite about it, but I don’t have a big problem with what Cynthia says here.  I, for one, am quite tired of Ms. Prejean’s continued fame.  I don’t want to continue to write about her, listen to her, or pretty much care about her in any way.  I have no real problem with beauty pageants and the people who participate in them, but I see pageants the same way that I see football or soccer (and, I’m sure, the same way some people see my blog): silly and incredibly dull.  I don’t agree with Ms. Prejean’s opinion on gay marriage.  Additionally, I find Ms. Prejean herself to be tedious and not particularly intelligent.  I’m not trying to say that she’s dumb; I don’t think that, either.  It’s just that there is a certain kind of intelligence that one really has to have to comment well on these matters, and I don’t think that she has shown this.  Her failure to 1) properly prepare for King’s questions and 2) react to them gracefully show this lack of intelligence.  Basically, I don’t want to defend her anymore; I don’t want to talk about her anymore. 

I keep doing it, however, only because I feel that the way that she has been treated by the left is evidence of a problem with society as a whole in the way it treats women who dare to step out of their liberal-approved ideological box

Here’s where I think Cynthia steps out of line:

 I have to admit that I think Perez Hilton correctly summed up Prejean’s character when he called her “a bitch” and a “cunt” right after the Miss USA pageant last spring.

I’m sorry, this goes too far.  When Perez Hilton said these things, Ms. Prejean merely answered a question, and she answered it in a perfectly respectful manner.  However, even if she had been less respectful, calling a woman a “cunt” or other sexual attacks merely for disagreeing with you is absolutely disgusting.  I don’t care that his shtick is to be bratty and rude; this sort of thing hurts all women who wish to express a political viewpoint.  It says “don’t challenge us or we will hit you where you live.”  It is the exact same thing that was done to Sarah Palin, including, often, the use of that very word, and it is disgusting and wrong.  Disagree, poke fun, even call names, but avoid the sexual attacks.  They’re beneath you, all of you. 

Cynthia went on to make some assertions that I believe are pretty unfounded:

The problem I want noticed is that the backlash by conservatives from Hilton’s questioning Prejean at the Miss USA pageant, followed by his name-calling, which ought to roll off the back of anyone in public life, SHOULD have been limited to Perez, but instead was vicious and literally murderous toward ALL gays. So, because Perez Hilton, who is FAMOUS for being bratty and rude, was bratty and rude to a beauty queen whose primary career skill is her ability to cause erections, conservatives were quick to condemn THE ENTIRE HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNITY TO LIFE-DESTROYING PERPETUAL SECOND-CLASS CITIZENSHIP. THAT is the level of backlash gays have to cope with.

Cynthia, if you saw that, people suggesting that Perez Hilton’s actions were in any way related to all gays, I’m sorry; I truly do hate that for you.  But you gave us no examples of it, and I, a certifiable political junkie, can’t think of any incidents where this occurred.  I certainly don’t think that they were common in any way. 

She went on to say:

yet conservatives are working over-time to parse the distinctions between Muslims and Islamist jihadists AND CALLING FOR NO BACKLASH WHATSOEVER except where it can be proven a crime has been committed or a terrorist act is being planned.”

Again, I’m not sure I’ve seen this at all.  In fact, time after time during this last week I have seen the “religion of peace, my ass” style comments.  (Now, liberals are, of course, parsing like crazy.)  I don’t think anyone’s calling for a backlash against all Muslims (well, I’m sure somebody is, but no one I’m familiar with), but a lot are expressing concerns about the problems associated with Islam. 

Cynthia, I hope you re-think this.


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