Obama at Fort Hood

Unlike so many liberals, President Obama doesn’t appear to be denying that Hassan’s religion was a motivator in his horrible murder spree:

Somberly reciting 13 names and 13 stories, President Barack Obama saluted the Americans killed at this Army post as heroes who died for their country — and promised a nation demanding answers that “the killer will be met with justice.”

Addressing a hushed crowd of thousands of soldiers Tuesday, the president spoke forcefully if indirectly of the alleged shooter’s motives in last week’s massacre, never mentioning Maj. Nidal Hasan by name.

“It may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy,” Obama said. “But this much we do know: No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts.”

Yes, his statements were indirect.  But that’s OK; this was a memorial service, not a political event.  While you shouldn’t pussyfoot around it, there is no need to preach the war on terror at this event, and it would have been unseemly if he had.  And failing to mention Hassan’s name is appropriate while we wait for due process, as silly as it may seem. 

The clips and reports that I have seen indicate to me that his speech was, in stark contrast to his earlier attention to the event and his history of jumping to conclusions, entirely what it should have been.  Very nice.

Update: I’ve seen a lot of commentators criticizing the president for not taking a harsher stand against Hassan or Islam.  I disagree; this is a memorial service.  It is not about the perp, but the victims.  The question remains, of course, whether that harsher stance will come.


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