Dennis Kucinich writes an op-ed for

It’s completely wrong, of course, but that’s not what I’m interested in.  You can say what you want about Dennis Kucinich; I’m not going to say that he’s right on, well, just about anything.  But he is completely and consistently willing to go into a non-laudatory environment and defend where he stands on the issues.  For that, I respect him much more than many, many other politicians.  We could use more balls like that in D.C.  

 Plus, I’m constantly amazed by his smokin’ hot wife
I mean, damn, ya’ll!  What, does she smell?  Does she have one of those really obnoxious laughs that most people can’t stand for more than 30 seconds?  Is she blind?  I mean, damn!
Representative Kucinich, I salute you, sir. 
I also salute this woman, even though I’ve never heard of her before.   

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