Notice a Pattern??

The U.S. Census Bureau has released a list of cities over 250K strong, ranked by poverty level.  Here are the top twenty-two, which are all of those with more than 20% in poverty:

  1. Detroit (Mayor: Dave Bling, Democrat, with Democratic mayors since 1962)*
  2. Cleveland (Mayor: Frank G. Jackson, Democrat, with Democratic mayors since 1990)
  3. Buffalo (Mayor: Byron Brown, Democrat, with Democratic mayors since 1966)
  4. Newark (Mayor: Cory Booker, Democrat, with Democratic mayors since at least 1962)
  5. Miami (Mayor: Manuel Alberto Diaz, Independent but former Democrat who endorsed Obama; history of mayors’ parties unknown)
  6. Fresno (Mayor: Ashley Swearengin, ran a “Republican-like campaign” history unknown)
  7. Cincinnati (Mayor: Mark Mallory, Democrat; Democratic mayors since 1984, but hasn’t had a Republican since 1971)
  8. Toledo (Mayor: Carleton S. “Carty” Finkbeiner (or Wikipedia’s just messing with me), Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1990)
  9. El Paso (Mayor: John Cook, mayoral races are non-partisan, but all signs say liberal; history unknown)
  10. Philadelphia (Mayor: Michael Nutter, Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1952)
  11. Milwaukee (Mayor: Tom Barret, Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1960, before that, 3 Socialists, a “non-party” (kind of like an independent?), a Democrat/Republican fusion, and Democrats since 1908)
  12. Memphis (Mayor: Myron Lowery, Democrat, Democratic mayors since at least 1992)
  13. St. Louis (Mayor: Francis G. Slay, Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1949)
  14. Dallas (Mayor: Tom Lepper, “considered a Republican;” mixed history)
  15. New Orleans (Mayor:C. Ray Nagin, Democrat, Democratic mayors since at least 1936)
  16. Atlanta (Mayor: Shirley Franklin, Democrat, Democratic mayors since at least 1942)
  17. Stockton, California (where?) (Mayor: Ann Johnston, party affiliation and history unknown)
  18. Minneapolis (Mayor: R.T. Rybak, Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1977, Democratic or Independent since 1974)
  19. Pittsburgh (Mayor: Luke Ravenstahl, Democrat, Democratic (or Independent/Democrat) mayors since 1934)
  20. Tucson (Mayor: Robert E. Walkup, Republican, Republican mayor since 1998, Democrats 1987-1999)
  21. Chicago (Mayor: Richard M. Daley, Democrat, Democratic mayors since 1931)
  22. Columbus, OH (Mayor: Michael B. Coleman, Democrat, since 2000, mixed history)

There are a few exceptions, but I think the pattern is clear. 

*BTW, the official mayoral residence for Detroit is called Manoogian Mansion.  Sheesh, they deserve to be poor just for that.


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