What in the bloody hell is wrong with these people?


An ACORN official told the couple how to falsify tax forms and seek illegal benefits for 13 “very young” girls from El Salvador that they said they wanted to import as prostitutes.

Staffers for the community organizing group ACORN could face criminal charges after being caught on video encouraging a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute to commit federal tax fraud and offering to help them — for a fee — to establish a child brothel, legal experts say.

In a video made public Thursday, two visitors to an ACORN office in Baltimore told staffers they needed assistance securing housing where the woman, a 20-year-old who called herself “Kenya,” could continue to run her prostitution business.

I’m watching the video on Fox now.  The Acorn woman doesn’t even blink, she just says I don’t want to know, like it’s nothing, like I used to say when I worked in a restaurant that gave free stuff to kids under 10, and parents would try to admit that they had lied to get free food for their 11-year olds.  Just don’t tell me. 

I’m not even that upset about the TENS OF MILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS that are going to these sick fucks.  I haven’t even gotten there yet. 

I am upset that representatives of an organization that bills itself as a network of families “working together for social justice and stronger communities” hear people say that they are smuggling 13 underage (they specifically say “14, 15” on the video) girls from a third world country to be their sex workers, and these people, these sorry excuses for human beings, say “SURE, we’ll give you a hand!”  There is something seriously, seriously wrong with these people.


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