How about a big scoop of mind your own effing business?

Though I’m loath to risk giving her more traffic than she is obviously worth, I just couldn’t resist commenting on the charmingly titled “Letter to Michelle Dugger, from her Vagina,” written by mommyblogger and general all around busybody “Christine” at Momversation, brought to my attention by Stacy McCain.  Let’s take a peek:

Hi, it’s Francine… your vagina.

Christine, seriously?  Step back and take a look at yourself right there.  You just NAMED another woman’s VAGINA.

It seems sort of silly to introduce myself since we are so close.  Or at least I thought we were, but then I had to go and read on the Internet that you are having yet another kid.  That’s right, I read the Internet.  I have to do something when you’re breastfeeding 42 kids.

So, I think this shows how much, er, Francine, represents Michelle Dugger’s actual vagina.  Or how much Christine understands about decent husband and wife relationships.  In case you’re slow on the uptake, here’s a hint: 19 kids = Ol’ Frannie’s probably not bored and looking for other ways to pass the time, if you know what I’m saying. 

OK, that was a little harsh.  But I’m a tad upset.  I mean, 19 kids?  19?!  It seems like every time I finish pushing out one kid, another is lined up.  Is your uterus a baseball dugout?

Let me get real with you here, Michelle.  There’s simply no way you can give each of those kids the personal attention he needs.  You’re too busy making and popping out kids to pay attention to the ones who aren’t currently latching.

First off, repeating a number over and over again- not really a cognizant argument. 

Second, maybe we need to rethink the amount of personal attention that a child needs.  Hovering over a child and ensuring that nothing bad ever happens in his/her life ever- not good parenting. 

And using your older children as surrogate parents is a recipe for immature behavior down the road.  You’re robbing them of their childhoods by making them mini mommies and daddies.

Christine’s objection: Kid’s shouldn’t have responsibilities!  It’s not as if they have to become adults someday and do these things for themselves.  

And what about me?!  Do you know that people on the Web call me a clown car?  A clown car, for pete’s sake!  I’ve become a laughingstock because of your addiction to pregnancy!

Please, Michelle, I beg of you; stop having babies.  I know it’s tempting to go to 20, but maybe you should just focus on the kids you already have.  Mmmmkay?

By the way, while I have your attention, I think it’s time for a new hair style.  You look like a member of Mr. Big

OK, remember above, where Christine just repeated a number over and over again and called it an argument?  I take back my criticisms of that one.  At least then, she wasn’t expecting success by using the “they’re all gonna laugh at you” argument on a 42-year-old adult woman who wears a long skirt everyday and has a husband named Jim Bob, and is apparently OK with her life!  Oh, and attacking the woman’s hair style, classy!

Anyway, I was the oldest of 4,which is not a particularly large family, but big by modern standards.  I cherished the independence (to Christine, that would be lack of personal attention) I got in being allowed to pursue my own interests rather than live out my parents’ lost desires.  I had to see that my homework was done, that I did well in school and signed up for the extracurriculars that I wanted- and I am a better person for it! 

I’m not generally a fan of the documentary-style reality shows like the Duggers, but I’ve caught it a few times.  The kids are all remarkably well adjusted, mature, and humble.  I was struck by an episode I caught a couple of weeks ago where the kids played hockey- the girls were asked if it was a problem to play in the skirts, and they didn’t complain, or get embarrassed, or defensive, they laughed it off and shrugged that they had always done everything in skirts, so it wasn’t a problem.  The show gives no evidence that the kids are being ignored, or abandoned, or not properly taken care of.  In fact, most families could learn a lesson or two about living together from them. 

Now, would I have 19 kids?  No way!  In fact, I doubt that most people could handle it well.  But the Duggers do, and the world is better for it.  People like Christine need to mind their own business and look at their own lives rather than judging others for things of which they know nothing about.


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