Listen to the people!

We don’t live in a democracy.  I appreciate that.  We shouldn’t, there are a lot of problems with the concept of pure democracy, and the founders of this great nation were wise indeed to choose not to elect to have a country where three wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner.  That being said, we do live in a country where the people’s voice is very, very important.  Our leaders are elected to serve and represent based on our, the people’s, desires and ideals, not their own.  

Once, a long time ago, before the era of ubiquitous mobile phones and do not call lists, I got a call from a telemarketer.  I tried to be polite, as I usually try to do, and, after allowing him to introduce himself, simply said no thank you.  The telemarketer insisted on persisting, so I gave up politeness, and hung up the phone.  The telemarketer called back.  

My mom, who had once had the great misfortune to work in telemarketing herself, found this story incredible.  I had clearly expressed my disinterest, and I was clearly not going to be persuaded.  The telemarketer, who likely worked on commissions, was only wasting his time, that he could have been pursuing other calls that would be far more likely to benefit him and a willing customer.  Instead, he foolishly chose to pursue me, who was likely only to get more and more annoyed by his persistence in attempting to sell me something that I clearly was not interested in buying. 

Tomorrow night, President Obama will make yet another speech attempting to sell the Democrat’s healthcare reform plan.  He has tried to sell it as a cost cutting measure, that didn’t work, so he tried to sell it to insure everyone, that didn’t work; he tried to promise that we could keep the coverage we wanted, we know that’s wrong.  They’ve pushed public options, co-ops, triggers, and mandates, the people aren’t buying it.  The more he tries to sell it, the more the American people make it clear that they, like me with the telemarketer, are simply not interested.  

Mr. Obama has promised to pursue a number of different goals in the name of change, under what he promised to be a transformative presidency.  I didn’t vote for Obama, but I appreciate that a majority of the people did.  However, they did not do so in order for him to force plans on the country that the country has shown, time and again, that it has no interest in accepting.  I don’t doubt that he means well, but the American people have shown that the proposed reforms are not their choice, and our democratic republic system dictates that their voices must be heard.  It’s time for the democrats to cut their losses on this one, and move on to something that the American people might actually want.

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