Is Bob Corker considering a presidential run?

KnoxNews says he’s not ruling it out. 

Corker’s the former mayor and major developer of my current hometown (Chattanooga, TN), and it is a fabulous place to live.  Obviously, it depends on what you like, but I think, for the majority of America, there could not be anything better.  My understanding is that he played a large role in making it what it is today. 

I’ve been pretty impressed with Senator Corker since he went to the Senate, too.  He really made a name for himself during the TARP and stimulous debates, a lot more so than most freshman senators would.  Plus, he’s got some good business sense, something all too needed right now.  I don’t know if it might be too soon (he’s only been on the national stage since 2006), but he’s one to watch.


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