Chris Brown is not your friend

I try very hard not to care one bit about the goings on of celebrities, but for some reason they haunt me nonetheless.  The Root posted this peice on the Chris Brown-Rhianna kirfluffle, and I think it bears some further examination:

Chris Brown was never supposed to be this kind of boy. Mothers always warn their daughters about those other types: the Lil’ Waynes, the Mike Tysons; the “tough guys” with rap sheets as harsh as their public personas. That guy was not doe-eyed, dimple-cheeked Chris Brown.

Or at least not until seven months ago.

Before the headlines and guilty plea, he had the hearts of many a young girl. He was the very definition of bubble-gum pop. Young and talented, handsome and charismatic: Chris Brown was the black blogosphere version of homecoming king, with a letterman jacket to boot.

Now, I can’t promise you that, before this all happened, I actually knew who Chris Brown was, but assuming that I did, I don’t think that was my impression of him.  Isn’t he a rapper? (ed. hip hop and R&B) (LLR. Whatever)  That hardly says bubblegum homecoming king letterman jacket to me.  Either way, he’s a celebrity, not my classmate or neighbor- he could sing children’s songs for super-Christians and I wouldn’t expect him to be my perfect mystery date.  But the writer, somehow, acts as if she, and not the beaten girlfriend, was personally hurt and betrayed by Chris Brown’s actions. 

Yet, somehow, despite the headlines and disturbing updates, for his fans, the idea of the baby-faced boy wonder being an abusive boyfriend never sat right. We needed words to remedy Rihanna’s wounds. An assurance, an apology, and mostly … answers.

But the answers never came.

An apology message was posted on Chris’ Web site late last month. It offered little more than the usual attempt at damage control. A camera-ready star, a somber expression, a prepared two-minute statement to fans that Chris swears “came from the heart.” The overdue “I’m sorry” just didn’t cut it.

Wednesday night was his only window left for out-and-out absolution from his fans, were it ever to come. But sandwiched between his mother Joyce Hawkins and his lawyer Mark Geragos, Chris did little more than skirt around the very details needed to redeem him. When asked about his last words to Rihanna, his feelings about the attack and prior incidents of violence, he essentially offered the same stock responses. I’m not going to go into that. I’m sorry.

So what exactly was the need for his reappearance if not just for appearance’s sake?

Here’s a hint: He makes his living making appearances.  Why else would he appear?


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