A whole big healthcare mish-mash

This is then post where I collect everything that I see on healthcare that interests me and keep a running, likely organized log of it.  I’m just going to fill it in as I go, so don’t harp on me if it’s not comprehensive, but please feel free to make suggestions of things that you think should be added.  I’m looking mainly for stories that I think will be good references for the future (so it’s more for me than for readers, but, nevertheless, enjoy!)

Examples from Canada

Canada’s Medical Association president says system imploding and in need of a major overhaul. 

Waitlisted Canadians rely on Detroit

Small Ontario town holds monthly lottery to decide who gets a primary care physician.

Single Mom whose spinal disorder caused her to require a walker and diapers denied treatment because she hadn’t been waiting long enough; entire process took 3 years of suffering. 

Death Panels and Other Bureaucratic Nightmares

President Obama has proposed a new body that would enhance Medicare’s ability to deny care to the elderly and disabled based on government bureaucrats’ arbitrary valuations of those patients’ lives. It is right there in the legislation now before Congress, and it is called the Independent Medicare Advisory Council.


America is the world leader on medical innovation, 57 percent from private industry, all Euro gov’t spent 3.7 billion to our 94.3 billion (2000)

America has (in 2003) 400,000 European born bio-med researchers, working here for the benefits. 


A proposed excise tax on medical devices

Glenn Reynolds predicts that reform will quash medical innovation

United Kingdom

Sentenced to Death by the NHS– pts being made to die prematurely

British women forced to give birth in halls, elevators, and bathrooms.  Or pavements because she was refused an ambulance and told she had 9 months to arrange a lift.   

All around terrible service., with lies and extreme insensitivity.

Questioning the treatment given to your child lands you in hot water with social services, including threats to have the child removed from the parent’s care

Numerical Comparisons

* US tops the list for cancer survival rates. (HT: Hot Air)

Public Option is the Road to Single Payer, so say those who are designing it

  • Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN): Q. Isn’t the public option really just a step towards the single payer that you want so much?Isn’t the public option really just a step towards the single payer that you want so much? Answer: “Yes but the reality is that for many people that’s not what it is.”

What Doctors Have to Say

10 things I hate about healthcare reform (HT: Ann Althouse)

Poll: 45% of doctors say they would consider leaving practice or early retirement if Dem plan passes; 2/3 oppose. 


Let the doctors control the legal system!

5 Healthcare Promises Obama Won’t Keep.  (From CBS)


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