6 O’Clockers

So, everyone’s all a buzz that there’s a crazy preacher somewhere in Phoenix.  Pastor Crazy McNuttypants attracted protests because of a sermon that he does titled “Why I hate Barack Obama” and prays for the president’s death (of brain cancer, which, if you ask me, is getting awfully specific.  Quit micromanaging God!).  Naturally, the media wishes to use this to show the deep-seated hatred that is felt towards our president by conservatives. 

But wait, what was that?  Buried deep within the article, we have:

Pastor Anderson says his hatred of Obama and former president Bush stems from his views on abortion and the Iraq War.

People this crazy almost never represent one political side over the other.  They’re all sorts of crazy, in all sorts of ways.  They’re six o’clockers.  You see, if right is 3 and left is 9, the crazies almost always meet somewhere in the middle,  but diametrically opposed to both. 

I won’t claim to have made this concept up, but I think it’s great, and I’m trying to pass it on.  I first heard it on Althouse in the aftermath of the Holocaust Museum shooting last June.   Once again, the media attempted to paint this fellow as conservative, but the evidence pointed out that he was nothing like our understanding of either party.

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