Rush says: “The downfall for Obama will be when it becomes cool to dislike the guy”

When I was, oh, maybe 10 years old, the New Kids on the Block entered the scene.  Do you remember New Kids on the Block?  Oh, I loved every single one of them.  Especially Jordan.  But especially, especially Joey.  And “bad boy” Danny.  Even the kind of ugly one, Donny.  Even the other one, who’s name I can’t remember now.  I had New Kids on the Block T-shirts, beach towels, books, and trading cards.  My best friend and I used to try out our kissing skills on one of my several posters. 

And the thing is everyone I knew felt exactly the same way!  I remember once, in the elementary school library, a kid (a boy, even, this phenomenon was not limited to the girls) noticed the Shel Silverstein book, “New Kid on the Block” announced “Hey, New Kids on the Block!” and the entire class came running over.  It was a phenomenon. 

BUT, all that changed in sixth grade.  In sixth grade, it became a taunt- undesirables were accused (in addition to being gay, or a nerd, or whatever else stuck the slightly more desirable person’s fancy) of liking New Kids on the Block!  Remember those paper fortune tellers that everyone used to play with?  Some of them even included that horrible accusation in as the “bad” fortune, forcing the person who had gotten it to deny, deny, deny! 

Such was my first real taste with the fickle mushheads of the teenage fad.  And think about it: How was the Obamamania, circa 2008, not like a teenage fad?  They had the T-shirts, the trading cards, god knows how many books, and some seriously eff”d up other shit.  I don’t know of anyone trying out their kissing skills on him, but . . . 

So, my guess is, at some point, we will all look back at this strange time in history, and make fun of anyone who still clings to the love they once had for a teenaged fad.


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