Apparently, you can’t throw out test results just because you’re not happy with the races of the people who do well on them

A victory for the New Haven firefighters.


4 Responses

  1. Booo. Much more complicated than that. More properly, the title should be “turns out you CAN throw out significant parts of Title VII, just because Justice Kennedy doesn’t really understand them.”

  2. I remember when reverse discrimination happened in the NYPD. In the ealry 80’s they had a Sergeants exam and the minority officers did not do well on it. They made up a supplemental B list from minorities that had failed the exam and then promoted them. We use to call them quota sergeants. I knew a sergeant from that list. He went on to fail the Lieutenants exam and was promoted in spite of the results. The running joke was he had one more exam to fail to become Captain. I am happy to see finally the courts standing up to this type of discrimination.

  3. It just kills me when White folks whine about “reverse discrimination”!!!

    Our race had 300 years of slavery and 100 years of second class citizenship – and, in the mere 44 years that we’ve been full citizens of this country, we have still faced widespread discrimination.

    White Americans have been pushed to the head of the line for 450 years! And every White immigrant benefited from that racial privilege system too, because the minute they got off the boat, they were instantly considered to be “American” (even if they didn’t speak English yet), while we’ve NEVER been treated as equals by this country.

    So, NO, there is NO “reverse discrimination” in America – just lots and lots of White privilege!

  4. Gangbox,

    You use the term “we” a lot, to discuss things that you, personally, were never involved in. If you were wronged, you should seek redress. What happened to someone who looks like you, happened to them. We’re all sorry that bad things happened in the past, but please explain how Frank Ricci was responsible for that and why he should pay? Equal means equal. We do not live in a society where we are punished for the sins of our fathers, and particular for the sins of someone else’s fathers who happened to look the same.

    “Reverse discrimination,” by the way, is an exceptionally silly term. Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of who is affected.

    Thanks, but I’ll take a Supreme Court Justice’s analysis over your unsupported allegations that he “doesn’t understand them.” You’re going to have to do better than that.

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