A cartoon you won’t see with regards to the Sotomayor appointment

From Southern Appeal, by way of Instapundit:


Sotomayor’s confirmation will, after all, make for the sixth Catholic on the court.  I’m Catholic myself, and I’m of two minds of this: first, I’m not sure how Catholicism really influences one’s judicial/political/legal leanings- Catholics do not, for example, fall neatly into one or the other political category.  However, it is notable that, until Sotomayor, the 5 most “conservative” were also Catholic.  Again, I have no real explanation for this. 

Of course, if we’re going to complain about over- and under-representation of all other sorts on the Court, I think that Protestants, who make up almost 51% of the American population, but only one-ninth of the Court (assuming Sotomayor replaces Souter), ought to have room to complain, too.

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