A Liberal/Statist Version of Instapundit?

I’ve been looking for a good liberal blog that I can really get into.  I’ve always believed that it’s of critical importance to read and listen to all sorts of opinions, and I try to do this by reading as much as I possibly can on all measure of things.  Like just about all good news junkies of the libertarian persuasion, I check Instapundit obsessively, and I love the constant flow of new and current information.  And I think that Prof. Reynolds does, for someone who is certainly not in any way attempting to keep things “fair and balanced,” does an exceptional job of linking to all sorts of different views.  But they still mostly tilt his way, (which I would expect and respect). 

Here’s what I’m looking for in a liberal blogger:

  •  Constant updates on current events. Perhaps they don’t have to reach Insty-level proportions, but I need to feel like, if, say Obama appoints a new Supreme Court nominee, there will be instant information on it. 
  • Links to all sorts of different sources. 
  • A home-grown feel- I’ve checked out some of the “big” liberal blogs, like HuffPo and Kos, and they are just too disjointed and “corporate” feeling.  I’m looking for something by a single person or very small, cohesive group, with minimal “features” (pictures are fine, but I don’t want things to be loaded down with headlines, articles, links, etc.  Keep the straight blog feel.)
  • Someone that will keep the Professor’s, I guess you would say, dispassion?  I’m not interested in a writer (on any side) who just wants to spew emotion and insults.  One thing I love about Instapundit (and Reynolds as a professor as well) is that you sort of get the impression that this is one big joke to him.  He’ll make a clever retort, stupid joke, maybe a smart-ass remark or two, but you rarely see him get fiery.  I like that. 
  • Preferably, a law professor or a law-based bent of some sort.  I am a law nerd, through and through. 

Anyway, it seems like something meeting at least most of these criteria should exist.  Liberal law professors are hardly a limited commodity (unlike libertarian law professors), and surely some of them would see Instapundit’s success and want a piece of the action.  But maybe not: This person, for example, claims that it is impossible; that Reynolds got in at a special time that can’t be replicated.  I can’t see how that can be the case, but maybe it is.  Or maybe liberals just prefer to stay in the large groups dominated by the Kos kids sorts out there, and an Instapundit type just doesn’t appeal to them? 

Any thoughts or suggestions?  I’m checking out The Lefty Directory, which I have to admit sounds really lame, but we’ll see what it has to offer.


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