Has Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) ever actually BEEN to Tennessee?

Sen. Alexander is the lone Republican vote against guns in national parks.  (ht: Instapundit, who says, “Not a good move for Lamar.”)

Here’s what he has to say for himself:

I have consistently been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, but this legislation goes too far – further than President Reagan, further than President Bush, and further than Tennessee law.

The vote was 67-29, so the opposite position was hardly extreme.  Rustmeister says it better than I could:

Ok, Mister Senator, but I have to ask: Does it go further than the US Constitution? Or, for that matter, the desires of your constituents ?

Sen. Alexander has been Tennessee’s 2nd senator since 2002, but it feels like a lot longer.  As I recall, he was a very popular governor, so it seems like at some point he must have known what Tennesseans stood for.  You would think that since the retirement of Bill Frist leaving him as the senior senator from one of the reddest states out there, he would seize the opportunity to really represent this area.  But the man’s clearly got more D.C. in him now.

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