Blogging the Bar Exam

Well, graduation has come and gone; I can officially call myself a lawyer (not that that does a lot of good, since I can’t actually practice, but it sounds better than law student).  But the time for celebration was short and bittersweet, for now comes the bar exam. 

So, the thing that irritates about the bar exam is no one who hasn’t taken it seems to know much of anything about it, and the people that have seem to keep things to themselves, or dole out information like, “relax!” or “get plenty of sleep.”  And you have to study for the bar- a lot! 

People with “lawyer DNA” apparently just knew that they had to sign up for a specific class and how to do this, but I didn’t (or didn’t want to spend the dough), so I put it off.  There’s no real way that I can find to compare products, so almost everyone just takes the Bar-Bri course, but at $2600 a pop, to watch DVD lectures every evening (I live in the city large enough to get a course, but not large enough for them to care about it), I decided to pass. 

So, I’m trying out Micromash.  It’s still crazy expensive (although not quite as much), but it has the added benefit of no one really knowing whether or not it’s any good.  Plus, they just send me a bunch of books and I study when I want to:

Well, by study when I want, I mean that I can study when I’m not sleeping.  The course says that I should be expected to put in a total of 175 hours for the multi-state and 175 hours for the state versions, over the course of 8 weeks.  But I can arrange that schedule any way I want!

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