I’m really not out looking for this today, but

this goes beyond the liberal immaturity I’ve pointed out before (ht: Instapundit):

In case you’re not the video watching sort (I’m usually not, and believe me, I wish I hadn’t watched that one along with my lunch), these idiots are basically congratulating themselves and Perez Hilton for using dirty words to describe the Miss USA pageant contestant who dared to honestly answer a question that was posed to her in a respectful manner.  Then, they spend at least 2 minutes talking about breast implants and joking about how they know for a fact that she used to be a man until she “cut off her penis.” 

Thing is, I disagree with Miss California’s opinion here (not to mention the opinions of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, etc)- I support gay marriage.  So assholes like this are doubly-embarrassing, first for thinking that they are funny, and second, for thinking that they can in any way help the cause.  As Professor Reynolds points out, “you probably can name Ms. Prejean, but can you name this year’s Miss USA?” (and, according to Gay Patriot, she’s getting twice the number of google hits as the person who beat her to the title.)

Maybe in sixth grade I had a few classmates immature enough to sit around congratulating themselves for accusing people they didn’t like of being transsexuals, but even then I was embarrassed by them.  You should be, too.


6 Responses

  1. Definitely in bad taste.

    I also disagree with Ms. Prejean’s opinion and all she is doing to assist the National Organization for Marriage, but as you said, the people in this video are doing nothing to gain support for gay marriage and in fact are making supporters look like horrible people.

    Hopefully they will see the error of their ways and start using their celebrity power to do something productive for the cause.

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